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Cast of Characters


Donna can be found working in the vines, the winehouse and all over the vineyard in her pink boots.

Winemaker / Vineyard Manager

Farming is hard work. Matt didn't have time to write his bio.

All Things Mechanical / House Musician
When Salvatore isn't riding in the mule with Nica, he can be heard playing jazz on his guitar or working on some vineyard project.
Children's Author / Beautification Committee
You can find Mary Ellen's decorative touches throughout
the vineyard. Her lastest book, "Nica, The Vineyard Dog
of Lyme", inspired by true events, is available for sale in
the Winehouse.

Head of Security

When Nica isn't riding in the mule with Salvatore, she's patroling the vines for critters on this CT vineyard.

The Fixer / Assistant Winemaker
Kevin is our resident MacGyver and can fix or build anything.

Vineyard Ambassadors

Dave and Laurie are not only family, but they are part of quality control, and can be seen at the vineyard frequently sampling the product.

Netting Engineer  /  Oyster Schucker
When Bobcat noticed Donna and Matt struggling to put up bird netting over the vines, he showed up the next day with his new creation "The Birdcat Machine", which saves them countless hours of labor.
Bug Collector
Billy Blue overlooks the Connecticut vineyard all season. He is our resident bug eater.
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